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Bringing in the Leads

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 7.02.43 PMThe mailto command produces a clickable email address. The idea is that clicking this address will certainly open your email client so you can call the site owner. This is a wonderful concept, yet is having mailto commands on your web site costing you valuable business? A roofing contractor in Plano, TX, as an example, might loose countless dollars if one roofing lead is lost. There are a number of problems with the mailto command that could make you lose your leads.

One significant trouble with the mailto command is that is depends upon your default email client being configured. This is typically a program like Outlook, or Outlook Express. Nonetheless, many individuals on the planet do not use these programs and also instead make use of web base email such as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. For your customers using web base email, the mailto command will certainly create an error message specifying something similar to “Email client is not configured”. This implies that for a large part of your potential clients, the mailto link will not function, or even worse could create a mistake message.

One more potential mistake is the unreliability of e-mail. Everybody has shed an e-mail or two. Currently imagine that email was a prospective customer. This might have a massive impact on your business. Emails may not get to you for a range of reasons such as spam filters. Long e-mails are merely shed to the depths of the Web. Really the reasons do not matter much, losing e-mails indicates losing business.

There are likewise some smaller sized problems with mailto commands. For example, e-mail addresses displayed by doing this are targets for spam robots that browse the internet accumulating emails for mass mailings.

The perfect means to generate all leads via your site is using a form that logs the leads. When you use a form to pick up leads, your web site could log the lead in a text document or a database. Your internet site must then send you email alert that you received a new lead. In case this email is lost, your lead is still stored securely by your web site. As an included benefit, your website would certainly likewise be able to manage your leads as well as send thanks messages to your customers.

Don’t lose business that you work so hard to obtain. Use a form as well as beware with mailto links.